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Corporate Photographer gets Soaked in Oxford

As a corporate photographer sometimes I need to prep for a shoot by doing a recce of the location I am going to be working in. Yesterday I went on such a recce in Oxford as I needed to find locations for a product / lifestyle shoot I am going to be doing in January. Boy did I get wet I was out in a constant drizzle for a couple of hours. But a very successful time as I found all the locations I needed. Now all I need is a sunny day in January??

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Lifestyle Photography Shoot in Oxford

Earlier this week before the rain hit I was commissioned to shoot lifestyle shots for Ecco shoes Oxford. www.eccoshoes.co.uk

We used two models from the Elliot Brown agency and used some nice locations around Oxford for the shoot. The day had already been postponed once due to poor weather so we were relieved to get a reasonable day for the photography.

The images will be used in their forth coming brochures. Below are a few of the shots.

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Aerial Photography – Corporate Shoot Over Oxford Business Park

On Wednesday I was commissioned for some aerial photography. Shooting over a Oxford Business Park in a Helicopter to photograph the tenants on the lawn in the shape of the number 30, as the park was celebrating being there for 30 years.

So we hired a chopper took the door off so I could lean out to take the shots and up we went. I have done this type of shoot on numerous occasions both in the UK and in Europe so am well aware of the problems you encounter. The key is a good briefing beforehand with the people on the ground and the pilot of the Helicopter.

The weather was clear with a 17mph wind so no problem for the flight. Due to the planning before hand all went well, as can be seen from the image below.

Aerial Photography

30 Years in Business

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Wedding at Fallowfields Country Hotel

On Saturday I had the pleasure of covering the wedding of Katie and Mark Wright at Fallowfields Country House Hotel near Oxford. A beautiful setting and a lovely couple. The weather started dull grey and wet but by midday it had cleared up and by the time we went outside the sun was struggling through, then we had wonderful evening sun. I captured the whole day from bridal party preparing through to the first dance in the evening. It really was a pleasure to capture Katie and Mark’s big day.

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Busy week Corporate shoots in Basingstoke, Gatwick and Oxford

A great week started with a corporate portrait shoot for a company in Basingstoke, followed by the shoot on Tuesday in Gatwick photographing people and products, then I covered a corporate event in Oxford yesterday. I also have a couple of wedding books I am in the process of designing prior to sending to print.
Next week is a week on the road. I have work in Basingstoke, London and Kent.

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Portraits and Networking in Basingstoke and Oxford

Wow that week has flown by. Started the week shooting corporate portraits in London and Basingstoke. Then spent Wednesday attending networking events in Basingstoke and Oxford meeting some new and very interesting businesses along the way. Today I have been busy processing the images from earlier in the week. Tomorrow my focus shifts to my marketing plan and implementing some of it!

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Two Great Networking Events

Yesterday I went to two great Networking meetings. The first was my BNI group Phoenix in Basingstoke – A group of committed businesses looking for opportunities for each other.
The second was Opendoorz in Oxford taking networking to a completely different level!
A very exciting group of businesses looking for the big opportunities out there for it’s members.
Two different styles of networking both producing business for their members! If you haven’t experienced either then you really do need to as you will be missing out on new business.

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My New Site! + Corporate Portraits

So my new site is up and running!
There are some new images on here for all to see.
Also I have shoots in St Albans (event photography), London (IT Products), Basingstoke and Oxford (Corporate Portraits).
I have a very big networking event this Wednesday at BNI Phoenix in Basingstoke, I will also be attending an Opendoorz networking session in Oxford.

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Corporate Portraits Galore!

It seems to be the season for portraits. I have traveled to Birmingham, Oxford, London, Northampton and Basingstoke in the last few weeks shooting portraits for company websites mainly.
I also did a two day lifestyle shoot for Fujitsu in London and Oxford showing a mobile scanner in use whilst on the move, that entailed shooting in trains, planes and automobiles!

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What a month! 360 virtual Tours

It’s been a busy month. Shooting on The Isle of wight, Birmingham, Oxford, Basingstoke, and London. I have photographed life style shots for a property brochure, Corporate portraits for pr and web and product shots for spec sheets and a couple of 360 virtual tours for a hotel. I also squeezed in a large wedding with 200 guests! Another month like that in November please!

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