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10 tips for choosing a corporate photographer

10 tips for choosing a corporate photographer

If you’re thinking about hiring a corporate photographer, how do you choose the right one for your project?  There are so many people that can ‘do the job’ for you, but the question is: can they do it well?

What to consider

While many factors depend on what you hope to achieve with the images, there are several important things to consider before you hire a corporate photographer. These will ensure that you know they understand your company and your brief so that your photographs will portray your business in the best light.

Here are 10 tips for choosing a corporate photographer:

1   How long have they been in the industry?


Time is Money

There is no right or wrong answer but the information will help you establish an understanding of the company, their experience and competence. The longer they have worked in the industry, the more experience they will have and the more clients they would have had the opportunity to work for.

2   Do they have the photographic style that you are looking for?


Corporate headshots

Corporate headshots

Your photographs will be used to portray your brand, so does the photographers’ style suit your company image? There are many different photographic styles to choose from, so it is useful to take a look at their portfolio to see if you like their work and that it is the correct photographic style for you. If you can’t imagine your company being part of the portfolio, look at other photographers.

3   How creative are they with ideas? Do they understand your company messages and your brief?


Exhibition stand

It is the experience and expertise of the photographer that will make a difference to your overall images. If they can help suggest great ideas for your photographs that fit in with your company and the messages that you want to portray, then it is likely that they understand your needs and will provide a fantastic photos.

Do you have an idea of what you want the images to do for you? If so, take your time to explain this with the Photographer. The Photographer should ask specific questions about your brief and your expectations so that they can gain a better understanding of your company and what you want to be conveyed through the images.

4   Are they enthusiastic about your project?

It is important that you feel the company is enthusiastic and interested in your project to ensure that you will be provided with a finished products that you love and images that will work for you. You should be able feel their excitement about getting the opportunity to work on a new project with you.

5   How organised do they seem?

There are often shooting dates and deadlines to meet, so you need to be confident that the corporate photographer that you hire can meet those deadlines. A successful photo shoot relies on good organisation, communication and preparation. Do you feel confident that they will meet deadlines? How is their time-keeping? If you do not feel that the photographer will meet your needs or deadlines then you should look to find someone that will.

6 Do they deliver consistent results?

Corporate photographer oxford

Does the photographer deliver consistent results? Does their work and the images they produce flow nicely? Although you may prefer certain images to others, you shouldn’t notice any changes in the quality when looking at all of the shots. Decide if the quality is consistent before hiring the photographer for your project.

7    What type of companies have they previously worked with?

Does the Photographer specialise in producing work for a certain sector? Do they just work with one type of company or are they generic? Answers to these questions will give you a good idea about how they could help you and your business. If they have only ever worked on wedding photography but you require images for the IT sector then it would be better to look for a company that has dealt with the IT sector, or one that has worked with a range of companies. You are investing money in this photographer, so you want to ensure that you choose the right person who can produce the right images for your needs and specification.

8   Can you see testimonials from happy clients?



Does the Photographer promote testimonials from their happy clients? Can you easily find feedback from individuals or companies that the Photographer has produced work for? If Photographers are proud of their work, and value their customers, the chances are you will see testimonials from happy clients.

9   Do you like them?


handshake black and white (white bckgrd)

Just like anything else, you want to know that you like the Photographer before you commission them. You will need to work with the photographer for some of the project, so it is important that you can communicate effectively.

We have met clients who feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera, they have always said that a highlight of our service is feeling reassured by the photographer. If you don’t have a great relationship with the photographer, or don’t get on, then it will become difficult to get finished products that you like and that you enjoyed making.

Why not arrange a meeting with the photographer to plan the shoot? Most photographers will be happy to meet you beforehand, to talk about the objectives for the images.This gives you the opportunity to decide if they would work effectively with your team.

10   Can they give you an estimated cost for your project?


Corporate photographer image

Although it is hard to give an exact price for a photography project until all of the details have been discussed, a good company will be able to give you ballpark figures about the cost of your photo shoot. You should expect the photographer to be able to provide you with creative ideas about how to get the most from your budget and will give an estimated timeframe and deadline of the photo shoot and the delivery of your final product.

If you would like any more information about choosing the right corporate Photographer, or you are interested in having images produced for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How can you contact us?

  • Telephone: 01488 71314 to speak to one of our friendly team.
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Corporate Video and photography company near Newbury and Reading having a record November!

Corporate video and photography company near Newbury and Reading going Strong!

So what an amazing November this is going to be. We have a lot of work already booked in and we will be visiting North Yorkshire, Nottingham, and Birmingham along with a lot of local work also.

Why are we so busy, simple really we produce quality work for reasonable rates. Our focus is always to achieve the clients objectives and then to surpass them!

Be it corporate video or stills photography the objective is always to produce work that reaches out to our clients target markets and delivers a compelling message.

Our testimonial videos are very popular at the moment and we put that down to our research and preparation before hand that ensures that every testimonial we shoot is a powerful one!

Below is a testimonial from one of our own clients. I hope your November is also a good one :-)

Interested in video? Then please visit our sister website  Ginger Multimedia.com

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Newbury Corporate Photographer Rained Upon

As a Newbury Corporate Photographer I am anything but local with upcoming shoots in Norwich, Bournemouth and London. Photographing lifestyle in Norwich, a building in Bournemouth and portraits in London.

I have passed on a five day shoot in Libya that I was offered. The foreign office adviced aganst all travel to Libya and as I have plenty of work here I didn’t see the need to run the risk of getting kidnapped, mugged or tortured!

The weather in the past couple of weeks and certainly for the next week has rained on my parade a little bit! With shoots having to be postponed until we get fairer weather.

I have also just received a commision to produce ten Corporate Videos for a large property company. There is talk of a photo shoot in Germany and I am awaiting confirmed dates for a shoot in the Caribbean in June. So the next couple of months is going to be very busy.

I take on Stills photography and Business video shoots  all over the UK, Europe and further afield. People, products, locations and services made to look their best!



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Newbury Photographer Shoots Products for Corporates

As a Newbury Photographer I travel all over the UK for my clients. This week I was shooting products for Fujitsu in London and for Cisco in Slough.
I have been a corporate photographer for 30 years now and love the challenge of shooting cutting edge technology.

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Corporate Photographer gets Soaked in Oxford

As a corporate photographer sometimes I need to prep for a shoot by doing a recce of the location I am going to be working in. Yesterday I went on such a recce in Oxford as I needed to find locations for a product / lifestyle shoot I am going to be doing in January. Boy did I get wet I was out in a constant drizzle for a couple of hours. But a very successful time as I found all the locations I needed. Now all I need is a sunny day in January??

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Newbury Corporate Photographer Shoots Stills & Video

This past week I have been busy shooting for a residential care home. I photographed stills and also shot a video of the home for their new website.

As a Newbury corporate photographer I love traveling and this shoot took me to the lovely Cotswolds.


Bedroom in care home

Care Home in Cotswolds

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Corporate Photography for Inn in Basingstoke

In the last week I had a wonderful Corporate Photography shoot for an Inn in Basingstoke.

We created some lovely lifestyle images of people enjoying all that the inn had to offer, Open fires, great atmosphere, entertainment, splendid food that I must say tasted wonderful!

We used some local patrons as models and paid them with drinks, needless to say they were very happy come the end of the shoot! lol.

I am looking forward to seeing their new website as the images will really bring the place to life and demonstrate what a great place it is.

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Corporate Photographer Shoots in Basingstoke

This week I was booked very last minute to shoot for a technology client in Basingstoke. I can’t talk too much about it as I have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. But the shoot went well the client was happy and has actually booked me for another shoot next week now so everyones happy!!

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Corporate Photographer on Photo Shoot in Basingstoke

Last week I had the pleasure of working on a corporate photo shoot for Grosvenor Carpets in Basingstoke. I photographed different areas of the showroom, some portraits of the staff and some nice product shots, as it was a glorious sunny day we also did some external shots of the showroom.

Below are a few of the photographs.

photograph of rugs






Portrait Photography of Staff
Photograph of flooring samples

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Busy day at Earls Court London

Today I was shooting for a firm of architects from Turkey who were exhibiting at the Design 100 show at Earls Court.
It was funny I arrived at 8.30am and was refused entry at one door as they said the press were not allowed in until 10am. So I put my kit into cases rolled up at the Exhibitors entrance and blagged my way in. My clients called me on my mobile at 9.20 from outside to apologise saying I wouldn’t be allowed in until 10. I had great pleasure informing them that I had been inside for an hour and had already started shooting the stand! :-) Needless to say they were very happy.

Below is a general shot of the stand, I retouched out the background for the client.

Exhibition Stand

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