Business Videos that bring a ROI

Business Videos are a great medium to have on your website, as it creates great SEO for your site if the Videos are optimised correctly. One video can create many back links to your website and Google loves back links. Also by posting the video on You Tube it will then be on the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. Who owns You Tube – Google does. So all in all a very sound strategy for helping your website to climb the search engines. To see our main site for video go to

Don’t just stop at one video though, create a channel on You Tube and keep creating other back links ( I can help you with this) This will drive new traffic to your site.

So what Business Videos should you put up?

Well a video about your company and how it helps its clients is a starting point. From there be thinking about filming some of your satisfied clients giving a video testimonial about your company – These are very powerful especially for someone viewing them who is thinking about using your service, it could literally clinch the deal!

Also think about Video Blogging these really do engage with your potential clients if you do them well. Remember you are what you publish, if you post amateur looking videos what does that say about you as a company?

At Ginger Photography we create Business videos for our clients. From the very conception and story boarding through to filming and editing. There after we will do the all important optimising of your videos to make sure you achieve the maximum benefit online from each video we produce.

Below are a few examples. To see more click here