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Adding Photographs And Video To Your LinkedIn Profile

Would you like to know how to add photographs to your LinkedIn Profile?

Adding Photographs and Video to your LinkedIn profile.
Do you use LinkedIn?  Did you know that you can add photographs and also video to your LinkedIn profile?
If you’re not harnessing the power of uploading your images to LinkedIn you’re missing a huge marketing opportunity.
The really great news is that adding photographs and video to your LinkedIn profile is really easy to do.  Just follow the instructions below
which tell you how to do it!
Uploading videos and images to LinkedIn
You can add images and videos very easily to your LinkedIn profile page.
This means that you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, videos and presentations.  You can add videos and images to the Experience, Summary and Education sections, but not yet to Skills and Expertise or Additional Information Sections.
How to do it!
  • Click ‘Profile’  from the menu at the top, then choose ‘Edit Profile’ . Under each of the entries in your Summary, Experience, and Education sections, is a new icon, a box with a cross. You can see this on the screenshot that I have taken from our own LinkedIn profile.
  • If you choose to add a link, type or paste the link to your content into the “Add a link” field. If you upload a file, select the file from your desktop. A picture of your content will display with the pre-filled title and description fields.


  • To edit the title and description, move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile. Scroll to the media sample you’d like to edit and click the pencil icon in the lower-right corner. Click inside the Title and Description fields to edit the text, then click Save.


  • You can also move media samples from one section to another. Do this by clicking the drop-down menu under “Move this media to” and choose the section of your profile you’d like to move it to. Then click Save. To rearrange items within the same section of your profile, click and drag them to the spot you want.


  • If you want to remove an image, presentation, document or video from your profile, scroll to the sample and click the pencil icon in its lower-right corner. Click “Remove this Media,” then click “Yes, remove it.”


So, don’t lag behind DO IT, put aside 15 minutes to implement this – you’d be mad to miss this FREE marketing exposure you can give yourself.

You can also do the same for Video.  Think how powerful the moving image would be – Testimonials from people recommending you.  Here at Ginger we are also produce and market Video.  Take a look at our sister site to find out about our Video Production.

If you’d like to talk about any aspect of Photography or Video Production please just contact one of the team.  We’re more than happy to discuss any potential production, no obligation, no hard sell, no hassle!   Just call us on 01488 71314 or email

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Corporate Video and photography company near Newbury and Reading having a record November!

Corporate video and photography company near Newbury and Reading going Strong!

So what an amazing November this is going to be. We have a lot of work already booked in and we will be visiting North Yorkshire, Nottingham, and Birmingham along with a lot of local work also.

Why are we so busy, simple really we produce quality work for reasonable rates. Our focus is always to achieve the clients objectives and then to surpass them!

Be it corporate video or stills photography the objective is always to produce work that reaches out to our clients target markets and delivers a compelling message.

Our testimonial videos are very popular at the moment and we put that down to our research and preparation before hand that ensures that every testimonial we shoot is a powerful one!

Below is a testimonial from one of our own clients. I hope your November is also a good one :-)

Interested in video? Then please visit our sister website  Ginger

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How Video can help your business – Showcase Videos

We are a Multimedia Company, producing videos and photography, and our studios are based near Swindon, Reading and Newbury.

Company Showcase Videos   A Company Showcase Video can have a huge impact on your company. It can help with your Company branding, bring your website to life, showcase your products or services.

Optimise your content  Most importantly, if that video is optimised it can bring more traffic to your website, more opportunities to sell your product or service and that means more business for you!

Share, share , share   At Ginger Multimedia we can produce a video for you and also help you to bring traffic to your website by helping you with the optimising and video marketing. Share your new video wherever you can.  Most Social Media Platforms enable sharing to your customers and potential customers, so do it, make the most of this fantastic marketing tool!

Video and Photograph    Why not combine a Company Showcase video with Corporate Photographs for your website?

Take a look at our Showcase video and imagine what a video could do for YOUR Company.

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Corporate Photographer Will Travel

Well what a busy month May was :-)  Corporate photographer will travel, some of the locations I shot in were Frome, Somerset, Reading Berkshire, Abingdon Oxfordshire, Oxford and Newbury but the furthest was Norwich in Norfolk.

There was a complete mix of subject matter as well, from Archtectural shots to Corporate Portraits and Product shots. Towards the end of the month I was able to catch up with a lot of the external work that had been piling up due to all the rain we had in April and early May.

This month I also shot a lot video for clients mainly to be used on websites. This was a mix of Videos for a large business park, Testimonial Videos and a Seminar Work Shop. Of course all the videos will be optimised to drive traffic to their websites and help the sites climb the search engines.

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Newbury Photographer Shoots Products for Corporates

As a Newbury Photographer I travel all over the UK for my clients. This week I was shooting products for Fujitsu in London and for Cisco in Slough.
I have been a corporate photographer for 30 years now and love the challenge of shooting cutting edge technology.

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Corporate Photographer gets Soaked in Oxford

As a corporate photographer sometimes I need to prep for a shoot by doing a recce of the location I am going to be working in. Yesterday I went on such a recce in Oxford as I needed to find locations for a product / lifestyle shoot I am going to be doing in January. Boy did I get wet I was out in a constant drizzle for a couple of hours. But a very successful time as I found all the locations I needed. Now all I need is a sunny day in January??

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Product Photography in Newbury

This week I was doing  product photography, shooting the latest thing in baby rattles. Last time I shot for this client we had a baby modeling with the Rattle and the baby broke a prototype….oh dear. This time no baby and the rattles stayed in one piece :-)


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Corporate Photographer Shoots in Basingstoke

This week I was booked very last minute to shoot for a technology client in Basingstoke. I can’t talk too much about it as I have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. But the shoot went well the client was happy and has actually booked me for another shoot next week now so everyones happy!!

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Corporate Photographer on Photo Shoot in Basingstoke

Last week I had the pleasure of working on a corporate photo shoot for Grosvenor Carpets in Basingstoke. I photographed different areas of the showroom, some portraits of the staff and some nice product shots, as it was a glorious sunny day we also did some external shots of the showroom.

Below are a few of the photographs.

photograph of rugs






Portrait Photography of Staff
Photograph of flooring samples

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Corporate Photography for Carpet Company in Basingstoke

Picked up a job yesterday in Basingstoke from an existing client for product photography. They sell carpets and rugs. There are 35 samples to shoot then an additional 8 lifestyle shots. The trick on this job is capturing accurate colour as there are subtle colour changes between the samples. As I was one of the early adopters of the professional digital cameras buying my first camera back in 1999, I am very able to achieve this due to my experience which is why this client keeps coming back to me :-)

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