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Corporate Photographer Shoots in Basingstoke

This week I was booked very last minute to shoot for a technology client in Basingstoke. I can’t talk too much about it as I have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. But the shoot went well the client was happy and has actually booked me for another shoot next week now so everyones happy!!

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Over £200 raised for Charity

It was a long Saturday night working at Mr H’s pop up restaurant in Basingstoke but we raised over £200 for the Charity Hantsability, so we were delighted with the effort! We are now all looking forward to the Masquerade Ball in November another Hantsability event.

As a photographer in Basingstoke it gives me great pleasure to be involved with such a fantastic Basingstoke Charity.

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Busy day at Earls Court London

Today I was shooting for a firm of architects from Turkey who were exhibiting at the Design 100 show at Earls Court.
It was funny I arrived at 8.30am and was refused entry at one door as they said the press were not allowed in until 10am. So I put my kit into cases rolled up at the Exhibitors entrance and blagged my way in. My clients called me on my mobile at 9.20 from outside to apologise saying I wouldn’t be allowed in until 10. I had great pleasure informing them that I had been inside for an hour and had already started shooting the stand! :-) Needless to say they were very happy.

Below is a general shot of the stand, I retouched out the background for the client.

Exhibition Stand

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Berkshire Photographer has his Hands Full!

Last week Monty joined our family – A 10 week old Golden Labrador! He is gorgeous and already proving himself to be a loyal and loving dog. Even if I say so myself he is also pretty smart, he has picked up the commands sit, stay and come very quickly! But he also has his puppy moments including chewing through my computer cable yesterday whilst sat quietly at my feet! He also loves chasing his tail most times he catches it!

You will be hearing a lot more about Monty I am sure, below are a few pics of him :-)

Golden Labrador puppy looking up

"I didn't do it - honest"

Golden Labrador puppy with ball in its mouth

Monty the Retriever

Golden Labrador asleep in basket

Dog Tired

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Event Photography – Law of Attraction

Last week I covered a Wealth Club event at Bicester Golf and Country Club where leading business coach Paul Avins hosted the event and introduced Michael Losier the author of Law of Attraction who spoke for an hour on how you can attract what you want into your life.

This was a real treat for me as I am a big fan of his and his theories. Below are a few of the shots from the event.

Event Photography -Paul Avins

Event Photography - Paul Avins Presenting












Event Photography -Michael Losier Speaking

Event Photography - Michael Losier Presenting












Event Photography -Paul Avins & Alan May

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A Beautiful Wedding

I was honoured to be asked to cover the wedding of Claire and Aron last week. It was held at Silchester House in Hampshire.

They booked me from 10am-10pm so I had the pleasure of being with them for the full day. Not only did we capture some

stunning images but had the pleasure of getting to know their family and friends. It was a really special day and am so pleased

they asked me to record their day. Below is an image from the day.

Claire and Aron's Wedding

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Aerial Photography – Corporate Shoot Over Oxford Business Park

On Wednesday I was commissioned for some aerial photography. Shooting over a Oxford Business Park in a Helicopter to photograph the tenants on the lawn in the shape of the number 30, as the park was celebrating being there for 30 years.

So we hired a chopper took the door off so I could lean out to take the shots and up we went. I have done this type of shoot on numerous occasions both in the UK and in Europe so am well aware of the problems you encounter. The key is a good briefing beforehand with the people on the ground and the pilot of the Helicopter.

The weather was clear with a 17mph wind so no problem for the flight. Due to the planning before hand all went well, as can be seen from the image below.

Aerial Photography

30 Years in Business

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Corporate Photographer Conquers Ben Nevis :-)

Last weekend I took 12 people up Ben Nevis I also brought them down again! It was a great experience that we all enjoyed. The weather amazingly stayed dry having been forecast to be rain so a real bonus. The views as we climbed were spectacular and of course I grabbed Landscape shots as we went. It really inspired me so now starting training so I can do the three peaks next year, although for the three peaks I will have to purchase a lighter camera!!

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Interesting – Photography Production Line

Today I went to Durham Cathedral to watch Sophie Wade graduate she got a 1st in English – Go girl!
After the ceremony we stepped into a large marquee where there were 10 bays with identical photography set ups – a sky blue mottled background in each bay.
The students paid their money, posed with a mortar board hat, a couple of flashes job done.
Why on earth didn’t they change a couple of the backgrounds to something a little more edgy and interesting to give the students a more contemporary option? Instead all they had on offer was a very staid conservative option.
Is this the same at all university graduations I wonder?

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Wedding at Fallowfields Country Hotel

On Saturday I had the pleasure of covering the wedding of Katie and Mark Wright at Fallowfields Country House Hotel near Oxford. A beautiful setting and a lovely couple. The weather started dull grey and wet but by midday it had cleared up and by the time we went outside the sun was struggling through, then we had wonderful evening sun. I captured the whole day from bridal party preparing through to the first dance in the evening. It really was a pleasure to capture Katie and Mark’s big day.

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