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Corporate Photographer Newbury – Business Networking

It has been a very exciting start to the year. As a Corporate Photographer in Newbury I was delighted to launch  the Newbury Opendoorz Networking group.

We are focused on the Business to Business arena and already there are some great opportunities being created for our members. The group is also very focused on growing our individual businesses and winning new bigger business.

As a photographer I am actually shooting more and more video for my clients, this does seem to be web and SEO driven. Companies realise the benefit of having video and how a well optimised video drives traffic to their sites. If you are interested in having a video for your website then please give me a call on 07960 297250 to discuss.

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Powerful Courses

These courses were brought to my attention, if you want to see some powerful and empowering material then Click Here 

They are filled with great content and I am sure they deliver great results!

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Portraits and Networking in Basingstoke and Oxford

Wow that week has flown by. Started the week shooting corporate portraits in London and Basingstoke. Then spent Wednesday attending networking events in Basingstoke and Oxford meeting some new and very interesting businesses along the way. Today I have been busy processing the images from earlier in the week. Tomorrow my focus shifts to my marketing plan and implementing some of it!

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Two Great Networking Events

Yesterday I went to two great Networking meetings. The first was my BNI group Phoenix in Basingstoke – A group of committed businesses looking for opportunities for each other.
The second was Opendoorz in Oxford taking networking to a completely different level!
A very exciting group of businesses looking for the big opportunities out there for it’s members.
Two different styles of networking both producing business for their members! If you haven’t experienced either then you really do need to as you will be missing out on new business.

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Networking in Basingstoke

Went to my usual networking meeting yesterday at BNI Phoenix in Basingstoke. We had some really good visitors yesterday who saw the benefits networking brings when you do it well and often.
Then in the afternoon I attended another networking group called Opendoorz in Oxford. Wow I was very impressed by this organisation and met some interesting businesses.

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Basingstoke Networking Event

As Chapter Director at BNI Phoenix in Basingstoke I hosted a very good meeting today. A lot of business was passed between the members, a great atmosphere and some quality visitors made for a great meeting!

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