Videos for Business – New Studios for Ginger Mutlimedia

Here at Ginger we shoot videos for business and we are delighted with our new studio and the green screen facility.
We work for a lot of Thames Valley companies in and around Reading, Newbury and Swindon.

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Corporate Photographer Will Travel

Well what a busy month May was :-)  Corporate photographer will travel, some of the locations I shot in were Frome, Somerset, Reading Berkshire, Abingdon Oxfordshire, Oxford and Newbury but the furthest was Norwich in Norfolk.

There was a complete mix of subject matter as well, from Archtectural shots to Corporate Portraits and Product shots. Towards the end of the month I was able to catch up with a lot of the external work that had been piling up due to all the rain we had in April and early May.

This month I also shot a lot video for clients mainly to be used on websites. This was a mix of Videos for a large business park, Testimonial Videos and a Seminar Work Shop. Of course all the videos will be optimised to drive traffic to their websites and help the sites climb the search engines.

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Newbury Corporate Photographer Rained Upon

As a Newbury Corporate Photographer I am anything but local with upcoming shoots in Norwich, Bournemouth and London. Photographing lifestyle in Norwich, a building in Bournemouth and portraits in London.

I have passed on a five day shoot in Libya that I was offered. The foreign office adviced aganst all travel to Libya and as I have plenty of work here I didn’t see the need to run the risk of getting kidnapped, mugged or tortured!

The weather in the past couple of weeks and certainly for the next week has rained on my parade a little bit! With shoots having to be postponed until we get fairer weather.

I have also just received a commision to produce ten Corporate Videos for a large property company. There is talk of a photo shoot in Germany and I am awaiting confirmed dates for a shoot in the Caribbean in June. So the next couple of months is going to be very busy.

I take on Stills photography and Business video shoots  all over the UK, Europe and further afield. People, products, locations and services made to look their best!



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Corporate Photographer Newbury – Business Networking

It has been a very exciting start to the year. As a Corporate Photographer in Newbury I was delighted to launch  the Newbury Opendoorz Networking group.

We are focused on the Business to Business arena and already there are some great opportunities being created for our members. The group is also very focused on growing our individual businesses and winning new bigger business.

As a photographer I am actually shooting more and more video for my clients, this does seem to be web and SEO driven. Companies realise the benefit of having video and how a well optimised video drives traffic to their sites. If you are interested in having a video for your website then please give me a call on 07960 297250 to discuss.

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Newbury Photographer Shoots Products for Corporates

As a Newbury Photographer I travel all over the UK for my clients. This week I was shooting products for Fujitsu in London and for Cisco in Slough.
I have been a corporate photographer for 30 years now and love the challenge of shooting cutting edge technology.

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Corporate Photographer gets Soaked in Oxford

As a corporate photographer sometimes I need to prep for a shoot by doing a recce of the location I am going to be working in. Yesterday I went on such a recce in Oxford as I needed to find locations for a product / lifestyle shoot I am going to be doing in January. Boy did I get wet I was out in a constant drizzle for a couple of hours. But a very successful time as I found all the locations I needed. Now all I need is a sunny day in January??

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Newbury Corporate Photographer Shoots Stills & Video

This past week I have been busy shooting for a residential care home. I photographed stills and also shot a video of the home for their new website.

As a Newbury corporate photographer I love traveling and this shoot took me to the lovely Cotswolds.


Bedroom in care home

Care Home in Cotswolds

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Corporate Photography for Inn in Basingstoke

In the last week I had a wonderful Corporate Photography shoot for an Inn in Basingstoke.

We created some lovely lifestyle images of people enjoying all that the inn had to offer, Open fires, great atmosphere, entertainment, splendid food that I must say tasted wonderful!

We used some local patrons as models and paid them with drinks, needless to say they were very happy come the end of the shoot! lol.

I am looking forward to seeing their new website as the images will really bring the place to life and demonstrate what a great place it is.

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Product Photography in Newbury

This week I was doing  product photography, shooting the latest thing in baby rattles. Last time I shot for this client we had a baby modeling with the Rattle and the baby broke a prototype….oh dear. This time no baby and the rattles stayed in one piece :-)


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Corporate Photographer hailed on in Oxfordshire

Yesterday I travelled to Witney in Oxfordshire for a location shoot, the local weather forecast was fine. But I arrived to hail and dark clouds! So didn’t even get out of the car. Sometimes you have no option but to work with the weather on the day. This shoot however I have a little time so decided to return when there is better light.

Today though we go again Forecast looks good so fingers crossed!

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